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Dear applicants, this video will guide you through the online application for a degree program at TUM via TUMonline:


Applications for Winter 2021/22 intake are being accepted as of January 1, 2021. The final application deadline for all applicants (including non-EU students) is May 31, 2021.

We strongly recommend students who require a visa to study in Germany (most non-EU students) to apply as early as possible (March 2021). We expect to finalize admission decisions for these applications until May 31, so that prospective students will not have any problems with obtaining a visa.

The following links may provide helpful information regarding the application. Detailed information on the application requirements and the procedure are given in the following sections!



1. Online Application

To be eligible to apply for the M.Sc. Biomedical Neuroscience, you will require a Bachelor degree or equivalent from a university that is rated H+ at Anabin in the field of natural sciences such as e.g. Biology, Biochemistry, Molecular Medicine, Physics or an equvalent degree program. Depending on the modules completed within their study program, applicants with undergraduate degrees in Psychology, Health Science, Chemistry etc. may be eligible to apply as well. In addition, applicants, who have completed at least five years of medical studies and have passed the second part of the state examination in medicine or veterinary medicine will be accepted, too.

You will have to create an online account for the online application in TUMonline. Please read the details on how to fill out an online application carefully! Only one account is permitted per person. If you are going to apply for more than one study program, please only use one account. You can apply for as many programs as you like with your application account. If you make any mistakes whilst filling in the details and the system won’t allow to correct them, please contact the IT Support. We cannot accept submissions of the online application documents via e-mail, fax, scan etc.

After completing the online application process, you will receive a list of documents you must submit to TUM by the application deadline. If you have questions concerning the required application documents, please contact the Student Service Centre.


2. Application Requirements


The following documents are required by applicants for the assessment process. The documents can only be submitted until the end of the application deadline. (As long as these documents have not been submitted to the admissions office, your application will not be assessed!). If you have questions concerning the required application documents, please contact the Student Service Centre.

  • Online Application: The application form will be automatically generated at the end of the online application process through TUMonline. You need to print it, sign it, and upload it to TUMonline to complete your online application.
  • Degree Certificate and Diploma or Subject and Grade Transcript of Studies to Date (certified copy) : If you have already graduated please submit your Bachelor (or equivalent) degree. Otherwise, please submit your latest transcript of records. Your overall grade (CGPA) and the grading system should be clearly visible. This document must be sent as a notarized copy. If the original document was not issued in German or English, you have to submit a notarized copy of the translated document (to German or English) as well. However, it is not sufficient to submit the translation only.
  • Proof of English Language Proficiency (certified copy) : For more detailed information on which forms of verification of language skills are required, visit the our pages on language certificates or refer to the Academic and Examination Regulations of your desired degree program. Please note that you’ll always have to submit proof of your sufficient language skills along with the other required application documents, even if the testing institute has already sent your results to TUM directly. Please submit a notarized copy. If you wish to submit a confirmation of your language of instruction as proof of your English language proficiency, the confirmation has to be issued by an administrative unit of the university (e.g. Examination Office, Registrar’s Office, Deans Office) on official university paper and has to bear a seal and an original signature.
  • Transcript of Records (certified copy) : This document can be obtained from the institution at which you last studied. The original transcript must bear a seal and signature. Print-outs or other unofficial transcripts are not sufficient, even if submitted as originals. Please submit a notarized copy.
  • Letter of Motivation : The letter of motivation / cover letter must be written by the applicants themselves. It should describe your academic and personal motivation for your choice of degree program. Any references to the work of others used in your work must be duly cited. The layout requirements are: one page, DIN A4 or letter format, if available, 12pt, single spacing. --> You should clearly state your motivation, why you want to come to TUM, why you are interested in Neuroscience in general and in the Biomedical Neuroscience program in particular. In addition, state why you think you are qualified and why we should select you for the program. You should also describe your background, i.e., your education, university projects and extracurricular activities. The letter of motivation has to be written in English, even if you speak German.
  • Proof of completed state examination in a medical degree program (Second State Examination in Medicine or Veterinary Medicine), if applicable.
  • Complete and Current Résumé (CV) : Include an up-to-date (!) version of your CV. Make sure, your education, projects, and professional experience are clearly stated. The ideal length of the CV is between one and two pages, max. is three pages.
  • Most Current Photo (as for ID) : We need a picture in which you are easily recognized. The picture does not need not be biometric, but should be in passport format (3.5 x 4.5 cm). It will be used for your StudentCard. Please submit the original.
  • Preliminary evaluation by uni-assist for graduate certificates (i.e. a bachelor's degree) obtained in a country outside of the EU/EEA : Applicants who have obtained their qualification for postgraduate studies (i.e. a bachelor's degree) in a country outside of the EU/EEA need to have their documents processed by uni-assist. Uni-assist generates a preliminary record examination, which determines whether applicants qualify for postgraduate studies in Germany. Applicants with a qualification for postgraduate studies obtained in Switzerland do not need a preliminary evaluation. To apply for this preliminary evaluation, please submit your documents to uni-assist e.V within the relevant application period. Please make sure to send your preliminary evaluation to TUM as soon as you receive it. Verification of your documents with uni-assist does not qualify as an application for TUM. You will need to apply to TUM via TUMonline before the relevant application deadline. We may require additional documents depending on the type of secondary school diploma you earned and your country of origin (e.g. GRE, GATE, APS). TUM special regulations for the following countries: Bangladesh, China, Georgia, India, Iran, Mongolia, Pakistan, and Vietnam.



3. Assessment Process / Aptitude Assessment


The assessment process comprises two stages:

In stage 1, the subject-specific qualifications, the final grade of the diploma (GPA) and the letter of motivation are evaluated. The highest possible score is 30 points. Applicants who have received a min. of 20 points will be invited to an interview (stage 2).


  • Subject-specific qualifications: Subjects completed within the Bachelor degree: mathematics, physics, statistics, inorganic chemistry, physical chemistry, organic chemistry, biochemistry, molecular biology, physiology, immunology. à Max. score is 10 points (1 point each for every above mentioned, passed subject that is mentioned in the transcript of records).
  • Final grade of (Bachelor) diploma: GPA of Bachelor degree, max. score is 10 points. The grade will be converted using the "Bavarian Formula" (TUM Grade Conversion Tool)
  • Letter of Motivation: max. score is 10 points.


Applicants having successfully passed the first stage (20 points and above) will receive an invitation to an interview. The interview will usually take about 30 minutes and can be conducted in person, through Skype or via phone.


  • Evaluation of the applicant’s special motivation and commitment for studying Biomedical Neuroscience as outlined in the applicant’s Letter of Motivation for stage 1.
  • Academic qualification: basic theoretical and problem based/applied questions from the field of natural science fundamentals will be asked to assess the applicant’s academic abilities.
  • Presentation of the scientific hypothesis, methodology and achieved outcomes of the applicant’s final (Bachelor) dissertation.


A min. of 2 members of the assessment commission will conduct the interview. Each above mentioned criterion of stage 2 will be scored by each member with a max. of 15 points. The total score will be the mean from both single assessments. The total score will consist of the sum of all scores from stage 2 plus the sum of all scores of stage 1. Applicants, who receive a score of more than 30 points for both assessment stages will be accepted to the master’s program. Each application will be assessed individually.



4. Application FAQs

FAQ – MSc Biomedical Neuroscience

  • Will a Bachelor degree from my university be accepted by TUM?

If your university is rated H+ on Anabin, your degree will most likely be accepted. If you are unsure please ask the Student Service Centre.


  • I missed the deadline. Can I still apply?

No. The TUMonline application form will be closed automatically after May 31st at midnight (CEST). Hence, it is technically impossible to accept any applications submitted after the deadline.


  • Why are non-EU Applicants encouraged to apply earlier (March vs. May Deadline)?

Based on our experience regarding student visa issues, we recommend all non-EU Applicants to apply as early as possible, ideally before March. The final deadline for applications (EU as well as non-EU Applicants) is May 31st. Because of mailing delays in many countries, international applicants should mail their applications at least 30 days before the application deadline.


  • My language test score (e.g., TOEFL) is too low. Can I still get admission?

A language proficiency certificate with sufficient score is mandatory in order to apply. Without sufficient language ability and scores you cannot apply for the program.


  • How do I complete the application?

The application procedure requires you to gather all application documents before sending them all in one complete letter using postal services / surface mail. The application has to be mailed to the address indicated on the print out of the online application form. You may track your letter to be informed on successful delivery. TUM will be timestamping your letter immediately, hence the update of your status flags in the Online Application System may take a few days. Make sure you don't miss any important deadlines!


  • I am currently a Master student in another program (at TUM or another university). Can I switch to MSc BmN and transfer my credits?

Even if you already are a Master student, you’ll have to complete the application process for the master’s program like every applicant and you’ll be able to commence the program in the winter semester only. Upon enrollment, you may apply for recognition of your Master degree courses. This is only possible for those courses that are considered identical to the respective courses in MSc BmN. It is up to the respective professor to decide on whether your request will be accepted. Please do not ask whether any of your courses will be recognized before you enroll into MSc BmN!


  • I speak German. Can I submit my motivation letter in German or can the interview be held in German?

Since the MSc Biomedical Neuroscience program is taught in English, proficiency of the English language is mandatory. Therefore, your motivation letter has to be written in English and the interview will be conducted in English, as well.


  • Can I send my application documents via e-mail?

      We do not accept any application documents sent via e-mail. All documents have to be uploaded in TUMonline or sent as either originals or certified/notarized copies.


5. General FAQ -TUM


6.  Further Information