Student Testimonials

Mathuvanthi Narayanan from India

"The program `Radiation Biology´ has a well-designed course structure that begins with the basics and covers a diverse area of radiation concepts like radiation oncology, radiation protection, and radiation physics. I gained plenty of hands-on experience from mandatory internships and practicals. It has an amazing community with admirable professors and lecturers who provide an excellent platform to learn and challenge ourselves."



Renu Chandra Segaran from Singapore

“I chose this TUM program because it has a good balance of coursework and internships to prepare us for the work life later on. So far, I have really enjoyed the teaching because it covers a good range of radiobiology topics by lecturers and profs who are very passionate about the field.”


Narayani Subramanian from India

“My reason for picking this Masters course is the comprehensive curriculum that combines a good deal of theory, clinical scenarios and practicals. The opportunity to perform research internships/practicals in fields that we are interested in allows us to explore many fields such as Radiation Protection, Radiation Oncology, Molecular Radiation Biology etc. and this in turn helps refine and shape our career path. The tutorials combined with interactive sessions and advanced lectures from well-learned lecturers provide an ideal learning environment for students seeking opportunities to expand their knowledge.”


Felix Bunert from Germany

“Even with the still ongoing Pandemic, I would describe my first two semesters in the radiation biology course at the TUM, as one of the best courses I have experienced so far, that’s why it is hard to summarize this whole course in just a few sentences. One of the best experiences I have encountered is the relationship between professors and students. All our professor's eclipse in their professional levels and in their willingness to support the students wherever they can. Not only do they provide live and recorded lectures, but they also take their time to hold weekly seminars, upload papers which are related to the lectures, are good contacts to internships, and are always available for questions and concerns outside of their lectures. 

The diverse education is also very excellent, even if this course is called radiation biology, it should be noted that this course covers all kinds of medical, biological, and even physical fields related to radiation. Also each semester students can deepen their knowledge and skill in a high-level internship of their interest. Even with the Pandemic, the relationship between the students is very good and the online lectures makes it possible to combine the work and study life quite well.”