Organizational Bodies and Committees
School Council

The School Council is responsible for all matters of the School for which the responsibility of the Dean or another organ of the School is not determined. The School Council shall limit its deliberations to matters of fundamental importance and, insofar as the nature of the matter permits, shall assign them to the Dean, either generally or on a case-by-case basis, for action.

School Board

The School Board is responsible for all matters of the School for which no other responsibility is established according to the Basic Regulations of the Technical University of Munich or on the basis of other legal provisions. It decides on the distribution of school funds for the medical institutes of the Technical University of Munich, insofar as they are not allocated to a scientific institution, operating unit or professorship of the School. The Board establishes principles for the distribution and use of funds for research and teaching. Furthermore, it makes agreements for the cooperation with the University Hospital rechts der Isar and draws up a development plan for the School with the involvement of the management of the scientific institutions and operating units as well as the professors of the School.