Medical Training Centre TUM

In 2014 the TUM School of Medicine established an innovative training center in order to improve the training of practical skills and soft skills in medical education. The new center comprises 600 square meters and includes one operation room, one intensive care unit, one ward room and three outpatient rooms. All of these rooms are equipped with cameras and microphones, so it is possible to videotape all scenarios with the aim to debrief the sequences after the role-play step by step with the students. It is evidenced that this debriefing and the authentic clinical environment are responsible for a better learning result.

The training center works with different low and high scale simulators as well as with professionally trained actors who play the patient-roles in the different scenarios.


photos: TUM MeDiCAL

TUM MeDiCAL developed three practical courses especially for this new learning environment. The focus is set on three topics: hygiene, ward-management and life threatening situations. Every course consists of one basic and one advanced part. Each semester 900 students run through the center in small groups of 6 students, so it is guaranteed, that every student has a practical experience. Every student has to go at least through one lesson per semester in the new training center.

In addition to these courses, practical lessons of surgery, communication skills lessons and an emergency course take place in the center. It is planned to have special lessons for students during their Practical Year in which the students can deepen their interests in other medical fields like “operating medicine”, “speaking medicine” or an interprofessional course which is planned together with the nursing department.

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