TUM School of Medicine

TUM School of Medicine, together with the university hospital, is one of the strongest medical research locations in Germany and its successes are internationally highly regarded. Medicine is one of the major areas that contribute to the TUM portfolio and is central for its further development. Students can complete their clinical study at TUM School of Medicine after a pre-clinic training phase jointly run with the Medical School of Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München. The interdisciplinary courses are based on the subject-focused curriculum „mediTUM“. Besides, TUM School of Medicine offers several doctoral programs for both medical students/physicians and natural scientists, such as the PhD program „Medical Life Science and Technology“.

The guiding principle for the future of TUM School of Medicine is that of a confident and results-oriented synergy of research, teaching and patient care. These three pillars – well matched and accompanied by internal and external evaluation – will be further developed through a series of activities.


The TUM School of Medicine in numbers:

Enrolled students: over 1.500 (of that approximately 2/3 female and 1/3 male)
Professorial positions: 46 ordinariate and 38 extra ordinariate
Academic staff: over 1.200
Other staff: over 2.800
Organizational units: 24 clinics, 6 independent departments and 18 institutes (10 of that belonging to TUM)