Habilitations are an important instrument for promoting young scientists at the School of Medicine. The habilitation is a university examination by which the teaching qualification in a scientific subject is established within the framework of an academic examination procedure. The recognition of the teaching qualification forms the prerequisite for the additional granting of the authorization to teach.

Opening of the habilitation process

1. As a first step towards the opening of the habilitation process, the candidate asks the Chair of the Habilitation Committee, Claus Zimmer, for an appointment for an interview. Consultation hours for this are Tuesdays from 10:30 - 12:00, but principally only by appointment in Professor Zimmer's office.

Contact: Univ.-Prof. Dr. C. Zimmer

All further steps follow from the habilitation regulations and will be discussed with the candidate during the interview.

Required documents for the interview:

  • Curriculum vitae with scientific background
  • List of teaching activities (informal)
  • List of publications (sample template)


2. If the chair of the habilitation committee recommends opening the procedure, you should contact the habilitation office.

Please bring the following documents with you:

Check List Opening the Habilitation Procedure


3. For the evaluation of your teaching performance, make an appointment with Prof. Dr. Berberat, Director of the Department of Medical Didactics, Medical Teaching Development and Educational Research. He will prepare the "Berberat Checklist" on teaching.

Contact: Prof. Dr. med. Pascal Berberat


4. Opening of the procedure within the framework of the School Council meeting

The School Council decides on the progress of your habilitation application and appoints the habilitation committee responsible for your application.


5. Creation of the target agreement

In a joint meeting with your departmental mentor, you will agree on the framework conditions of your procedure in the target agreement.

A copy of the target agreement must be submitted to the Dean's Office immediately after its completion.


Additional documents can be found in the forms cabinet:

Habilitation Colloquium

The colloquium is an important moment in the scientific journey of our habilitation students. We are therefore pleased to be able to present these high-quality lectures to a wider audience and hope for a large audience.

The topics will be selected according to the focus of the research activity of the respective habilitation student, so that you can discuss them directly with the experts.

The colloquium will take place as a hybrid event on-site and digitally. The Zoom link and the corresponding log-in data can be found in the flyer.

Required document for habilitation students:

Academic Lectures

The academic lectures are the freestyle events in the habilitation process and an important moment in the scientific journey of our habilitation students. We are therefore pleased to present these high quality lectures to a wider audience at the beginning of the extended School Council meeting and hope for a large audience.

We look forward to your participation!

Dates of the 2023 School Council Meetings

Starts at 3:00 p.m. each day:

  • 01.02.2023
  • 01.03.2023
  • 29.03.2023
  • 26.04.2023
  • 24.05.2023
  • 28.06.2023
  • 26.07.2023
  • 20.09.2023
Teaching Authorization

You can obtain a teaching authorization or Privatdozentur at the School of Medicine of the Technical University of Munich in the following ways:

Habilitation at the School of Medicine of the Technical University of Munich

You must apply separately for the authorization to teach at the end of the procedure, after you have given the public-academic lecture at the School Council meeting.

The performance of the deputy teaching is regularly reviewed by the Associate Dean's Office for Academics.


An Umhabilitation at the School of Medicine is principally possible, provided that the teaching offer represents a meaningful addition to the teaching offer of the School of Medicine.

The application for "Umhabilitation" should be addressed to the Dean, Professor Stephanie E. Combs.

The following documents are required for consideration of the application:

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • List of publications according to the template with impact factors
  • List of teaching activities with documented evaluation
  • List of lecturing activities
  • Approval of the responsible chair of our school
  • Certificates of authorization to teach and adjunct professorship

If the requirements are met, the School Council will review the application.

Additional requirements apply to the submission of an application for authorization to teach with simultaneous appointment as an adjunct professor at the School of Medicine.

Habilitation Office Team

The staff of the Habilitation Office at the School of Medicine is available to advise and support habilitation candidates and interested individuals in all questions regarding the habilitation process.

Since we do not have fixed office hours, it is recommended to contact us briefly by phone or e-mail: habil_mri@med.tum.de.

Dr. Julia Brandt (in Elternzeit)
Dr. Julia Brandt (in Elternzeit)
Manager of Promotion of Young Talents