Education at TUM School of Medicine


The Faculty of Medicine at Munich Technical University (TUM) offers medical training for students who have successfully completed their preclinical studies.

Preclinical studies in medicine are organized in cooperation between TUM and Ludwig-Maximilian-University (LMU) and are held mainly at LMU facilities. Clinical studies are held separately at either TUM or LMU. Currently more than 1400 students are registered at TUM for the clinical part of their studies. In collaboration with the Hospital Rechts der Isar, the faculty of medicine develops scientific findings in order to understand fundamental disease processes and optimize patient care. Committed teaching offers insights into the latest research results and prepares students for their job as doctors.

The effort has not been in vain: In a ranking of best results in medical final exams in German universities, TUM is continuously among the best ranks.



Since 2006 our faculty offers a Ph.D. in “Medical Life Science and Technology” for scientists and students interested in research. Successful research can now not only be granted with the Dr. med. Title, but also with a Ph.D.

“Medical Life Science and Technology” offers three years of interdisciplinary theoretical and practical teaching in the fields of medicine and life sciences and trains students to become qualified researchers.

The main research projects in neuroscience, molecular medicine and medical imaging shape the training.

TUM is the only German university where students can alternatingly to medical training start a Ph.D. project when having completed their preclinical studies. This promotes better interaction of clinical and scientific education.

This program is a scientifically extensive and high-quality structured possibility to achieve a Ph.D.