Habilitations are an important tool at the School of Medicine to promote clinician-scientists. They are based on the Bavarian Higher Education Act (Bayerisches Hochschulgesetz) and the Habilitation Statutes (HabilO) of Technische Universität München. A habilitation is a university qualification that confirms the ability to teach in a specific academic subject area. The acknowledgement of this ability is a prerequisite for the award of the license to teach, the venia legend. A doctoral degree is required to apply for habilitation. Information about the habilitation process can be found in the guidelines. All necessary documents for the process as well as a schedule of the exam dates are available here. For further information or questions, please contact Ms Eder.


Publication of the habilitation thesis

According to § 16 HabilO, the habilitation thesis is to be published and 6 copies of this publication or the thesis itself as well as an electronic version have to be provided to the university library. According to § 9, article 2 Nr. 2 HabilO, submitting a cumulative habilitation thesis, which is a compilation of already published journal articles, is allowed as part of the habilitation process. Cumulative theses are also subject to the publication requirement. However, publishing cumulative theses is often complicated as the copyright for the included publications frequently has been transferred to the publisher. It is the applicant’s responsibility to clarify any potential copyright issues. If approval for use (and publication in the thesis) of copyrighted material is denied by at least one publisher, the publication requirement for the habilitation thesis may be waived upon written request to the Office of the Dean.