PhD program in Medical Life Science and Technology

TUM School of Medicine has been awarding the internationally recognized academic title Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) since the winter term 2006/2007. We offer a three-year graduate program that provides high-level scientific training for students with a background in medicine as well as for those with a background in natural and life sciences or engineering. The program consists primarily of an experimental scientific project that is performed in the laboratory of a faculty member in full-time. The practical work is complemented by interdisciplinary lectures, seminars and practical courses. About 50 research groups from various departments actively participate in our program. The projects cover a wide range of topics within and continuously expanding the boundaries of the program's main research areas: cardiovascular research, imaging, immunology and infection, neuroscience, oncology and molecular medicine. The goal of the program is to give our students a thorough scientific training and the tools to become successful and independent researchers.
Students are expected to focus on their research projects and course work. To allow them to be in the lab full-time for three years, all students receive funding which is provided through the program's scholarships and their advisors' labs.

Medical students of the Technische Universität München can be admitted well before obtaining their final medical degree. In an attempt to improve their clinical-scientific education, they will be able to alternately follow their regular medical studies and the training within the PhD program.

You may find more details on our webpage. Please be advised that you can only apply through this website.