Doctoral degree (old regulations)

The procedure for awarding a doctoral degree in medicine (Dr. med.) and dentistry (Dr. med. dent.) according to the old regulations (applied till December 31, 2013) is described below:

  1. You must have submitted the notification of your doctoral project at the School’s Graduate Center office immediately after starting your doctoral project and before January 1, 2014 and you must be able to show a copy of the notification of your doctoral project with a sign and a stamp of the Graduate Center office. In case of a foreign degree, you must have completed the process of nostrification for your foreign degree. All other doctoral candidates belong to the new regulations. (
  2. After you have passed the medical state examinations, you have to apply to be listed as a doctoral candidate of the School at the Graduate Center’s office (Ms. Vassileva). You can find the form for registration here (please fill it out digitally). Being listed as a doctoral candidate is required for submitting your dissertation. With the confirmation of the registration, you can enroll at TUM as a doctoral student, if you wish, as described here.
  3. Before submitting your doctoral thesis, you need an application form for graduation and some other documents. You can find both here.
  4. You have to submit your doctoral thesis with your application form for graduation and the required documents at TUM Doctorate Office (Ms. Reisenauer). They will forward your documents to the School of Medicine where your doctoral graduation process will be initiated. Please arrange an appointment with the TUM Doctorate Office (Ms. Reisenauer) in advance.

Submitting your doctoral thesis is only possible after passing your medical state examinations. If you publish parts of the doctoral thesis before graduation, you have to announce this with an informal letter (template here) stating exact publication dates (author, topic, journal) immediately upon publication. For a publication of the complete doctoral thesis before graduation you need a written consent of the School.

You can find the necessary documents for doctoral graduation here.

Please do not contact the Dean’s secretary for doctoral matters. Instead, contact Ms. Vassileva, the official in charge. She will be available for information or questions within the opening hours